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Vivien Vance

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Useful Information

Vivien Vance is a Romanian-Hungarian company specialized in the production of swimwear and women’s clothing.

The company was founded in 1990 and named Vivien Vance, after its founder. The common vision of the founders was and will remain, that of giving birth to a valuable and respected brand that will survive time. The passion for fashion, over time, doubled with the rigor and the aspiration for excellence, resulting in: the creation of a retail store both in the capital of Hungary, Budapest, and in the capital of Romania, Bucharest, but also owning an online store, which aims to deliver parcels worldwide.

Vivien Vance has become a brand known throughout Europe to this day, thanks to the increase in brand notoriety, but also thanks to the acceleration of the pace of production of unique items, which has become a reason why our clients feel special.

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