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Premium soup bar, with vegetarian, vegan and raw dishes

Soup Up! is a premium soup bar, which offers a healthy, original and tasty alternative to the ubiquitous fast-food restaurants.

Our soups and salads are vegetarian, vegan, or raw and are prepared every morning. We use fresh vegetables and olive oil, exclusively, natural spices and herbs, as well as unsalted salt in moderation. We do NOT use food base, starch, flour, sugar, butter. The consistency of the soups is achieved only because we chose NOT to skimp on the vegetables.

We collected recipes from all over the world, tested and adapted them together with Andra Dudea, food blogger and raw chef, and now we have something to be proud of – a menu of over 50 exotic, surprising and above all healthy soups, which will make you get out of the daily monotony.

To these I added salads, which I thought would be substantial and filling, a considerable source of protein in a dish as healthy as possible.

Here you can also find bread from “Brutăria cu maia” – a magical place from another time, where the bread is made from 100% natural ingredients and respecting traditional methods. And, yes, you must try any of our croutons. They are cooked only with olive oil, they are all aromatic, unique and delicious!

Of course, there is no shortage of desserts – most are raw, and a few are vegan.

We still have a million ideas and plans. And recipes to test. In the meantime, we look forward to seeing you at the table!

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