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The most delicious chicken, prepared according to the most innovative recipes

Pep&Pepper is a concept built on the experience of a team that creates and operates food brands. Through its business recipe, Pep succeeds in differentiating itself from the other vendors and from the other types of food available in the food court areas, as in our units consumers will be able to opt for serving a restaurant-style dish, with minimal waiting time, but maximum flavor.

Pep&Pepper restaurant chain is based on a secret recipe of marinated chicken and homemade egg pasta. Thus, our chefs cook each portion of food on the spot, and in preparing the recipes we always use the most tender chicken breast that we leave to marinate for 12 hours, following a secret recipe containing 14 spices.

We know how important the taste of authentic food is to you, that’s why we prepare our own pasta every day, using only eggs and natural ingredients: semolina flour, salt, and olive oil.

Come to Pep&Pepper and you will have a delicious, varied, and balanced meal that gives you a good feeling! With a variety of chicken meat, a scent of spices and tender pasta, Pep invites you to discover the secret of a delicious recipe, plate by plate.

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