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In 2008, in the city of Larissa in Greece, Mikel’s story began, when the familiar figure of “Grandpa Michael”, the father of our founder, appeared for the first time. But that was just the beginning…

Second stop? The city of Volos. Next stop? Let’s conquer the world! Thanks to the love that people have given us, Mikel Coffee has become the fastest growing coffee shop in Greece. Today, with a strong presence in 5 continents, Mikel Coffee has a global network of over 250 stores.

Mikel Coffee is not just another chain of coffee shops, but a meeting place, which combines Greek hospitality with the eternal love for coffee. It is a space for people to meet and get closer, where they can exchange opinions or experiences. This “community” continues to spread to all corners of the world!

From the selection of raw materials and fine coffee blends to the variety of assortments of our unique products and the latest equipment, Mikel’s goal is to attract every consumer with the authentic taste of the best coffee they will ever taste.

We can consider Mikel as a living organism – he never stops developing and becoming better and better. It goes in parallel with the evolution of the needs and wishes of the global community, to always be in line with the trends.

The expertise, the creativity, the joyful attitude, but also the burning passion, come first of all from the Mikel employees and their love for what they do. With a big smile and positive energy, they are always with the customers, being ready to offer the best suggestions, intended to bring the consumer more satisfaction and a unique experience.

We want to invite each of you, coffee lovers or not, to discover the impressive design, our wonderful products, but also the best quality coffee and drinks.

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