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Useful Information

Lume Social Bar is the perfect place where you can enjoy a cocktail, a lemonade, tea, or coffee, with a wonderful view of nature, the park, located on the mall’s terrace.

Lume Social Bar emerged from the desire to create a comfortable and intimate place within the shopping center, where you can enjoy moments with yourself and your loved ones.

To create the suitable conditions for this purpose, we have created three areas:

(i) the dining area – to enjoy the full view offered by the park;

(ii) the sofa area – to enjoy comfort,


(iii) the bar area – to enjoy an authentic bar experience. Our range of products is wide and balanced, catering to customers of all categories – from small to large.

The menu includes a variety of cocktails with or without alcohol, lemonades, natural juices, hot or cold beverages, as well as cakes.

In the desire to offer an authentic experience to our customers, our products are based on special recipes, genuine ingredients, and balanced combinations.

Children, and not only, can enjoy lemonades or natural juices made from fresh purees prepared by us.

For color, flavor, relaxation, and delight, try Lume Social Bar.

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