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House is a creative space for young people who want to show through their clothes who they are and how they feel, and who believe that experimenting with fashion is a way to express their emotions.

The brand offers interesting combinations of the latest trends with a casual style. It also inspires you to be brave, play with styles and consciously shape your own image. The key for House is to listen to the needs of its customers and observe their environment; their interests, hobbies, plans and dreams. Knowing their world allows us to meet their expectations and adapt to the dynamic pace of their lives, creating fashionable yet casual everyday styles for both her and him.

House collections are based on observations of big city street style and pop culture, but are also inspired by trends in social media, music and art. The brand uses professional tools to analyse fashion trends and participates in fabric fairs. The brand also approaches environmentally friendly quality to create a more sustainable fashion future with its customers.

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