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The history of our brand begins in Ankara, Turkey, in 1999. The idea we started from was extremely simple and, precisely because of that, extremely spectacular: very good quality perfumes, in an extremely varied range, at prices affordable for every pocket. In this way we managed to offer the best prices.

We focused on the content of the perfume bottles, content that will always remain appreciated at high standards. We invest in the quality of perfumes, which are made from natural essences produced in France and other European Union countries, according to EU norms and IFRA (International Fragrance Association) standards.

Our products are bottled in our Ankara (Turkey) factory under CE cosmetic regulations and distributed in 37 countries including the UK, Germany, Austria, France, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Netherlands, Belgium, Egypt, Dubai, Czech Republic , Bulgaria and, of course, Romania.

All our fragrances conform to international standards. In Paris is the official laboratory that represents D&P in periodic testing (Cosmetovigilance) that verifies and proves the quality of the ingredients and their safety in everyday use.

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