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Candy Cat

Mon to Sun: 10:00 to 22:00h

Useful Information

CANDY CAT is a unique network of candy stores with an incomparable concept. We are actively developing and already have stores in the Netherlands, Poland, Ukraine, Estonia and Bulgaria. And in Romania we have already opened 9 stores, the one in ParkLake being the 10th.

CANDY CAT presents producers of world-renowned jellies. This sweet paradise is full of bright colors! With us you can find over 200 delicious types of jellies and marmalade, the most delicate souffle, caramel, exclusive nuts, fruits covered in chocolate, delicious chewing gums with diverse fillings, multi-coloured dragees and unique products from different countries of the world.

CANDY CAT brand – a world of sweets for children and adults, where every guest can find goodies to their liking! Decorated in pirate style, the store will make you feel like in the fabulous world of sweets!

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