In order to ensure greater satisfaction for all stakeholders of Sonae Sierra, we have created Sierra Ombudsman.

How does it work?

Sierra Ombudsman works as a facilitator in which all stakeholders can apply by submitting notifications, suggestions and complaints, with the guarantee that they will be processed and investigated and that, whenever possible, the circumstances that caused them will be corrected.

Whenever it is contacted – from Portugal or any other country where Sonae Sierra is represented – Sierra Ombudsman objectively analyze the facts, and this allows either correct them or a justification for maintaining in place. At all events, Sierra Ombudsman is committed to responding to all the requests.

How do I talk to Sierra Ombudsman?

To submit any question, suggestion, idea or complaint, you can contact Sierra Ombudsman by e-mail at:

Or by phone + 351 93 200 4063