In December, step into a fairy tale world at ParkLake

During the holidays month, ParkLake invites the citizens of Bucharest to enter the realm of the stories alongside famous characters who have, over time, brought extra winter color. Thus, from December 6th to December 24th, the audience is expected to discover a fairy tale Christmas alongside Snow Queen, the Nutcracker, Rudolph and many other loved ones. Creative workshops for the little ones, interactive games, shows and concerts will take place in a very special setting.

Thematic activities

Between December 6th and 24th, the visitors of the shopping center are expected to enter the world of winter stories and rediscover their charm alongside the loved ones.

Every Thursday and Friday, between 18:00 and 20:00, but also on Saturdays and Sundays between 14:00 and 20:00, children are invited to participate and to have fun at creative workshops inspired by the most beautiful Christmas stories. Additionally, they will be able to enjoy the holidays’ arrival by playing games and dancing, and will prepare to meet Santa Claus, all under the guidance of the Fairy.

On Saturday, 15th of December, a special parade welcomes Santa Claus at ParkLake. He comes from the North Pole and waits for the children to tell poems and stories together on 15th -16th of December and 21st -24th of December.

Also, the program will be complemented by unusual performances: instrumental classical music concerts, as well as concerts held by the artists Iana and Irina Sârbu will take place on the stage at the ground floor of the shopping center. Moreover, on 22nd of December, starting with 17:00, the audience will be able to watch the play “Christmas Story” – a classic, humorous and cheerful performance.

Neither the winter sports lovers will get bored this year! They are invited every day to have fun on the skates, on the skating rink outside the shopping center, the ParkLake Garden area, at the entrance from Titan Park.


Christmas Fair and theme decorations

Between 26th of November and 24th of December, the Christmas Fair organized at ParkLake awaits its visitors with an impressive variety of gifts and surprises for all tastes. Decorations, jewelry and accessories, ornaments and arrangements for Christmas adorn the stands waiting for the public.


A fairy tale Christmas is the one we give

On December 15th, between 13:00 and 18:00, the Help Autism Association, in partnership with ParkLake, invites the visitors of the shopping center to participate at a creative workshop in the spirit of holidays. Participants will be able to make, under the guidance of volunteers, stylized little trees to draw attention to autistic spectrum disorders. The resulting little trees will be exposed later in the online store of the Association (, and the funds raised from their purchase will be used for an afforestation action to be held in the spring of the next year. Help Autism Association aims, by this action, to give at least 100 trees to the nature, and participants at workshop are invited to join also the planting activity.

In addition, also in December, ParkLake prepared over 180 surprises for children enrolled in the MagiCamp Association’s programs, hoping to increase their joy of winter holidays and to remind them of the importance of playing.



29 November 2018